Anjali’s New Makeover Will Stun You

Usually, heroines sport a lean look in the beginning of the career and then start gaining curvy. But, Anjali, the Telugu girl who made it big in Tamil industry, is different. She looked curvy and fulsome in the beginning and did not even bother to make an attempt to reduce weight.

Most of the roles she got were performance oriented, so there was no need to get into shape. But, now almost at the fag end of her career, she is sporting a lean look. These days she looks so lean and has almost reduced to half of her original look. Those who saw her recently were shocked to her new avatar. No one knows why she reshaped herself in this new look.

She and actor Jai were an item all these days. But it now appears they have parted company and Anjali is single and ready to mingle. As of now she has Gitanjali 2 on hand.