Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Tanish, Pooja To Get Evicted?

Today’s nomination in the Bigg Boss 2 is to get spicier as it would witness double eviction for the first time ever. Earlier, we carried the story about the double elimination is likely to happen as the show is nearing the end with many contestants still in the house. In this week’s nomination Kaushal, Tanish, Pooja Ramachandran and Deepthi Nallamothu are there.

Tanish, Pooja Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu 2

The buzz doing the rounds is that Pooja and Tanish might be shown the door as the two don’t have a huge fan following. We are yet to know who officially would be voted out, but as per our reliable sources its Pooja and Tanish who would walk out the Bigg Boss house.

Meanwhile, episode 77 aired on August 25 witnesses a never happened thing as Kaushal received a public call. Kaushal got a public call from one Shekhar, who opened his heart out suggesting that he has a huge fan following outside the house. The fan went on add advice Kaushal asking him to listen to host Nani’s words and keep focusing on the game as he does. He concludes the call stating that they see him as the winner. Kaushal is seen getting emotional, although tears don’t roll down his cheeks, he has teary-eyes. Kaushal thanks his fans for their unconditional support and affirms that he will continue focusing on the game.

Meanwhile, Deepthi Nallamothu’s happiness remained only for a day as the Bigg Boss has removed her from the captaincy post. Despite Bigg Boss gave instructions to all the housemates to amend the rules implied in the house like not sleeping during daytime among others was broken. Deepthi, heart-broken over removal from captaincy post requested Bigg Boss to consider his decision and give her a chance. Deepthi requesting Bigg Boss said that it’s not her mistake and she told the contestants to follow the rules strictly and went on to request to give her one more chance.

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