Boyapati is an ungrateful person- Posani

Writer turned actor Posani Krishna Murali is known for his straight forward talk attitude. He never shies away from saying whatever he has in mind. Now, in a recent interview, he lashed out on director Boyapati Srinu.

When asked about he has any rivalry with any of his associates who now turned as big directors, he said that Boyapati is one person who doesn’t have any gratefulness. Posani said “Boyapati is a poor boy when he was introduced to me by his brother. I asked director Mutyala Subbaiah to keep Boyapati as his assistant for 10 years. One day Boyapati came to my house when I was absent and told my wife that why did I make Shravanamasam without having any directorial knowledge.”

“Many people like Trivikram, Sampath Nandi and Koratala Siva who worked under me didn’t behave with me like that, it is only Boyapati who did this with me,” he added.


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