Shocking News About Anchor Ravi

Shocking news has surfaced against popular anchor – Ravi. The news is floating online that Ravi has been arrested for threatening a film distributor Sandeep who had borrowed money from him but hasn’t returned it yet. Following this, Sandeep has filed a complaint against anchor Ravi at SR Nagar police station and the issue has come out in public now after Sandeep posted a video of himself narrating the ordeal.

Case Filed Against Achor Ravi

However, Ravi has refuted all the allegation on him as baseless, adding he’s being made a scapegoat. Ravi said, “Myself sketching an attack on Sandeep is completely fake. It was a strategic defence move from Sandeep to lodge a complaint against me with false allegations.” “Yes, we have a financial dispute. He is the distributor of my debut film Idi Ma Prema Kadha And on the goodwill, I lent him some money couple of months back which he promised to return in one week but did not keep his word. Now, he smartly lodged a complaint against me to evade my money,” added Ravi.