Caste Card by Akhilesh Yadav

Our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Vice-president of Congress Rahul Gandhi are seen battling out over on the recently taken decision of demonetization along with corruption in the battleground of Uttar Pradesh state. But now the Chief Mister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav like a bolt out of the blue played his caste card and perplexed his opponents. In between the time of this crucial elections it was a move that is bound to put both the parties of BSP and BJP in a fix ahead with these elections. With the effect of this the state government hurriedly cleared a proposal yesterday to place as many as possible with a list of seventeen of other Backward Castes along with its other sub-castes on the list of Scheduled Castes. It is very clear that these castes would include Prajapati, Kahar, Kewat, Kashyap, Dheemar, Kumhar, Bhar, Batham, Gaur, Machhua, Majhi, Mallah, Rajbhar, Nishad, Bind. All these mentioned castes would make a huge vote bank since the population is comparatively among these castes when compared to other castes.
If we look back into history, we find that most of these people belonging to these castes have always preferred to align with the socialist stream almost ever since we got our Independence. After the rise of Mayawati and Kanshi Ram who espoused the cause of extremely backward classes in Uttar Pradesh politics then a section of these people started joining the BSP bandwagon. Now, we see a great division as some of them joined in the BJP while others still continue to be divided between the SP and BSP. As we know Indian politics would always take different turns and Indian Politicians would find the better ways in making their vote banks to be always full.