Chiranjeevi: Criminals should shiver with ‘Encounter’

Megastar Chiranjeevi has reacted to the encounter where all the four accused have been killed in encounter. Chiranjeevi in a statement hailed Telangana police and KCR for their actions.

Check out the full message by Chiranjeevi:

When I learnt this morning that the culprits in the Disha’s case, were killed in Police firing, I felt she got natural and instant justice that she truly deserved. For perpetrators of such heinous crimes and people who commit such unpardonable acts, blinded by lust, the end these criminals met, shall serve as an eye opener. I really hope the soul of the victim of this horrific crime ‘Disha’, rests in peace, with this turn of events. The loss suffered by Disha’s parents can never be undone, but they may find some solace that the culprits met an end, they asked for.


This is a lesson to every man who feels entitled and abuses females.This should send a shiver down the spine of people who harbor such criminal thoughts in their mind and shall put a fear to deter such terrible crimes from recurring. It is a relief that this traumatic event found some closure within a week. I salute the Commissioner of Police Shri.Sajjanar, the Police Department that caught the criminals swiftly, and the Honorable Chief Minister of Telangana Shri.KCR for their quick acts of redressal.

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