Chubby heroine becomes ultra lean

Whenever we hear the name of Meera Jasmine,  a picture of a homely heroine who is quite chubby comes into our mind. Worked as one of the leading actresses in the 2000s, Meera was known for Telugu audiences with films like Gudumba Shankar, Bhadra and Ammayi Bagundi.
She quit acting once she got married. Her last film was released in Malayalam in the year 2016. After all these years, some of her new pictures have come out and they are now trending all over the internet. Meera, who is known for her chubby looks, has now become super-lean.
In the pictures, she looks slim wearing a pink saree. She looks even more beautiful in this ultra new stunning makeover. Maybe she has any plans to make a comeback? You never know. Only Meera can answer that.
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