Comedian Ali gives a twist

Comedian Ali is making news for his political entry and the buzz has it that he would join YS Jagan- led party YSRCP. However, to everyone’s surprise, Ali surprised many by his meet with Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan today, January 6.

Ali met Pawan Kalyan at his Vijayawada residence. The purpose of the meet is to be yet to be known. It is worth mentioning that Ali was trolled recently by Pawan fans after the speculations did rounds of him joining YSRCP. Many questions how can he do that as Ali and Pawan are said to be thick friends.

On the other side, Alo has not only met Pawan but met Chandrababu Naidu too. It is yet to be known whose party Ali would join. Looks like, Ali is going to give a good surprise