Couple forcibly married on Valentine’s Day in Hyderabad

A video of a couple forcibly married off by Bajrang Dal in Hyderabad has gone viral on social media. The couple was caught in Kandlakoya Oxygen Park in Medchal by the right-wing group – Bajrang Dal. In the video, it can be seen the group asking the boy appears to be a college student to tie mangalasutra while others chant its an auspicious day.

Earlier, the Bajrang Dal activists held protests against the celebration of Valentines’ Day. They also took out a rally on bikes warning people to stay away from this else facing stern consequences. This is not the first time such an incident has happened. Previous years too, the activists have warned young couples to stay away from the western cultre.

Bajrang Dal Activists Forcibly Marry Off Couple On Valentine’s Day in Hyderabad