COVID: Dr. Rajasekhar’s health turns critical

Senior hero Dr. Rajasekhar made his comeback with the film Garuda Vega. After the success of the movie, he actively began discussions with other filmmakers and did Kalki. He launched his daughters into films and is currently working on a couple of movies. Recently, Rajasekhar tested positive for COVID, along with all his family members. On the 17th of this month, the actor took to his Twitter profile to inform the same to his followers. However, the latest reports reveal to us that his health condition becomes critical.rajasekhar Rajasekhar’s daughter Shivathmika took to her Twitter profile this morning to update his health status. “Dear All. Nanna’s fight with covid has been difficult, yet he is fighting hard. We believe that it is your prayers, love, and well wishes that protect us and keep us going. I am here asking you to pray for Nanna’s speedy recovery! With your love, he’ll come out stronger.” she posted on Twitter.

Earlier, on 17th October, Rajasekahr posted, “The news is true that Jeevitha, Kids, and I have tested positive for corona and are currently being treated in the hospital. Both the kids are completely out of it, Jeevitha and I are feeling much better and will be back home soon! Thank you!”

We Hope Dr. Rajasekhar wins this battle with Corona and returns home healthy! We wish him a speedy recovery.

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