Dil Raju offers second hero role to flop hero

Raj Tarun has completely faded out. His market is completely down due mainly to the wrong choice of the stories. Even the Lady Luck seems to be turning away from him. As a result, producer Anil Sunkara, who was to make a film with him, has dropped out and ditto with Dil Raju too.

Dil Raju was to make a film with Raj Tharun and has even given him the advance. However, Dil Raju at this stage does not want him as a solo hero. So, he is planning to cast Raj Tharun in a multi-starrer. Dil Raju has a multi-starrer story churned out by Indraganti Mohana Krishna. But, until recently, he kept the project in the limbo due to the heavy budget. Now that Nani has become the co-producer, the project is back on the rails. So, Raj Tharun will play the second hero in this film.

As of now, Raj Tharun has one film with a new director and another with Dil Raju. He has no option but to do whatever Dil Raju says