Disha Patani Gets Injured

Actress Disha Patani is preparing relentlessly for her project Bharat with Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra. The actress plays as trapeze artiste has been preparing vigorously for the stunt and busy doing gymnastics to get into the skin of her character. However, in one of the practice session, Disha suffered a knee injury on both the legs and has been advised for bed rest. The doctors have also advised her to avoid gym and practice session. She is currently undergoing physiotherapy.

Disha Patani Suffers Knee Injury

The film is directed by Abbas Ali Zaffar and has started the shoots a few days back. Meanwhile, Disha who has ar ardent followers says that hard work is the only way to achieve success. “You can get something due to good fortune but then, that will stay only for a very small span of time. I believe everything goes hand in hand. If you work hard, only then will your luck chip in,” she said.