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Downfall of Kodali Nani in Gudivada!

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The TDP party has been struggling to secure a win against the Gudivada YCP MLA in recent times. However, they have now devised a promising strategy to turn the tide in their favor. This plan revolves around the emergence of a new leader who has captured the attention of the people and garnered widespread support.

For months, Kodali Nani has been criticizing the TDP for fielding new candidates in every election in Gudivada. Despite their efforts over the past decade, the TDP has been unable to gain success in this constituency. But now, they have found a candidate with the potential to secure a win. He is none other than Venigadda Ramu.

Initially, there were doubts about Ramu’s ability to garner votes. However, since receiving the party ticket, he has been tirelessly campaigning from dawn till dusk, addressing the concerns of the people and gaining momentum.

Another noteworthy figure in the TDP, Raavi Venkateswara Rao, has also extended his support to Ramu. Recognizing that he alone cannot defeat the YCP, Rao has joined forces with Ramu, setting aside any personal differences for the greater good of the party.

The unity displayed by Raavi and Ramu has significantly increased the TDP’s chances of success in Gudivada. Had Raavi contested for the ticket independently, the party would have faced numerous challenges, potentially giving the YCP an edge. However, with both leaders working together, the TDP now stands on stronger ground.

The collaboration between Raavi and Ramu marks a turning point in the political history of Gudivada. Previously considered a stronghold for Nani, the dynamics have shifted, signaling the end of his dominance in the constituency.

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