Even stars, planets are anti-Chandrababu?

Has bad time started for the ruling TDP in Andhra Pradesh? The party is already seen to be on its way out. The YSRCP is upbeat and several key leaders are leaving the TDP to flock to the YSRCP. The general buzz among the people is that the YSRCP is going to come to power. Though Chandrababu Naidu is trying to change the perception through a publicity blitzkrieg, things seem to be going out of hand.

Why is this happening? The astrologers and the soothsayers say this has got to do with the Rahukalam in which the election schedule was announced. Rahukalam is considered very inauspicious.

Meanwhile, yet others say that the ruling TDP’s fortunes are entering into the Shani period. Now, Shani period causes no growth and rise in troubles for the party. The period, which begins from the last week of the month, will have a bad influence on the ruling TDP. This could mean that the party would even be defeated in the elections. The party’s leadership would be in for a lot of trouble due to the bad star and planet constellation.

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