Exclusive : Amritha Aiyer Interview

Amritha Aiyer is young, pretty and full of beans. You can’t miss the unmistakable spark in her eyes which is why in a short time she got noticed by the Telugu film industry for her looks and performance. After her academics and her job at a corporate office, Amritha quit working and pursued a career in acting. In a chat with Y.Sunita Chowdhary of Klapboardpost.com, she expresses her excitement about her upcoming film HanuMan and also the next.

Ask her about the projects she is doing currently, she says “After the pandemic, I have done Arjuna Phalguna starring Sree Vishnu and now I am leaving to Andhra for a shoot. The title of the film is Hanu Man and it is being shot by Prasanth Verma. My previous film “30 Rojullo Preminchadam Yela” collected around 15 crore, the film actually had a budget of five crore which is why it worked due to perfect planning. I did 30 Rojullo Lo Preminchatam Yela and another release Red around the same time. Red had Ram Pothineni as the hero and it was a remake of a Telugu film. Both the films were released in the theater; only after this we embarked on a journey called HanuMan. Post that I was offered Arjuna Phalgunan which is directed by Teja Marini. This is the director’s second film. As far as I can remember, the story happens in Rajahmundry backdrop. It deals with the lives that people actually grow through in that place and is thriller based. In the film, we are five friends and I am not gender specific. It is all about friendship and how I am ready to help them. We go ahead to get something and the rest of the story is about how we escape from the situation. Shravani is the name of my character in the film. Sree Vishnu is one of the five friends and it is about how he takes things forward when people fall into the problem.”

Ask her what Arjuna Phalguna is about and she quips, “Hero is Arjun, and if you are wondering what the title is about…it is a self motivating statement you make. It is said that earlier i.e during childhood if we fall into some kind of adverse situation..we utter the word Arjuna Phalguna umpteen times and the problem gets solved. During childhood, if we get a problem and get nervous, they say that it can be solved. It is like a motivating thing..like we say all is well. to goad yourself. All the people in the village got into trouble financially and we were thinking about how to come out of it. It is certainly a positive thing.”

Oflate Amrita says she is getting a lot of stories which are script related in a strong way and also revolves equally around her. It is not like those earlier Telugu films that are formulaic, she claims. She adds, “During the lockdown, I had a zoom call with Prasanth Verma and he told me about the script and I fell in love with it. His stories are amazing, be it HanuMan or Zombie Reddy, they are all different from each other. I loved his film Awe too. I saw Zombie Reddy, it was so different. What I observed is that he tries different genres and never repeats what he had done earlier. This superhero film HanuMan is also a fresh subject, to be a part of such a film is gratifying, kids will love it. About his working style, I can say that he doesn’t rest till he gets the right emotion. He would just tell us how he wants it to be and then he is relaxed.. his team is young. He wraps up his work pretty fast and a perfect example of this is the climax. He got it done in 7 to 8 days. I play Meenakshi in the film, I can’t talk about the character much.”

Amritha Iyer Interview

Amritha’s intro had been revealed through a poster, that of a heroine. The film has another twenty percent to be finished and it will be shot at a place in Paderu near Araku. The actor adds, “It is so beautiful. We shot a few scenes and a lovely song. This film is not entirely romantic but has a bit of everything….as I said earlier, it is a super hero film. In Tamil, I haven’t got the right project yet. Lift was released recently, it was an OTT project. The hero and I get stuck in a lift, also the entire building. This is because of the evil thing which doesn’t let us go out of the building. We did this just before the pandemic.”

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