Exclusive : Anish Krishna Interview

Anish Krishna made his presence felt with his hit film Ala Ela that catapulted the careers of Hebah Patel, Vennela Kishore and Rahul Ravindran. He followed up that with some more movies but that unfortunately tanked at the box office. His next film is Krisna Vrinda Vihari starring Naga Shourya and Shirley Setia. The film is touted to release on June 24. It was scheduled to release on the 20th but the producers have been apparently working hard on the RR and decided to come up with a perfect output albeit a slight delay. They didn’t want to release the film just because a date was available.

Though Ala Ela is known for the quotient of humour, the director proved he is equally good at scripting love stories. It is sad that the audience is gravitating towards entertainment and not serious love stories. Klapboardpost.com has a chat with Anish Krishna regarding his up and coming release which is a complete family entertainer. Anish says he has observed that any story needs to have a point that touches the soul. Also he noticed that the audience are liking the negative shades in a hero. The more the negative, the better it is to connect and reach the audience. Whether he is giving validation to negativity or whether there is enough content that is generated through the character traits, the fact is that it is reaching the audience. Also the OTT culture is strongly connected to the audience, especially the youth. It has a great influence, he concurs.

The OTT he adds has its pros and cons. It is unfortunate that theatres are not getting filled as people have got used to watching films on their laptops. Very few star films are getting the opening collections and the rest of filmmakers who have made medium and small budget films live in anxiety. Earlier there was an opening guaranteed to the stars but now that isn’t there. The film has to be reasonably good to take it to the next level. This is necessitating the importance of creating a buzz, hyping and marketing the film to make it a hit. A lot of gimmicks are being promoted to make the film run.

We ask Anish if the subject of this film, Krishna Vrinda Vihari and Antey Sundaraniki is identical as mentioned by a few websites. “Antey Sundaraniki is a bigger canvas made with a reported 40 crore. About the similarities, I don’t want to comment much about it, the film is getting ready for release. I had this story years back but when we wanted to embark on the project, Corona set in and hence there was a delay. Naga Shourya as you have seen in the promos plays a Brahmin and the girl is a Punjabi. There is a twist in the story that will entertain and the producers have seen it umpteen times and they are confident that it will entertain all segments of the audience.” How does it feel and how much time does it take to get out of a disastrous film and work on a new subject? Bygones are bygones. Naga Shourya is known for his forte in emotional scenes but here he has a funny bone and did a great job. He is kind hearted and always thinks about the technicians and supports them.”

Sherley Setia was born here and brought up in New Zealand. She was suggested to be a part of KVV by Sai Sreeram, DoP. He wanted to take her for his film that he would direct but it didn’t work out. When he suggested Shirley could be a right choice, Anish roped her in for Krishna Vrinda Vihari. “I saw her trailers on Netflix etc. I wanted a perfect north Indian girl with attitude. We called her for an audition and it worked. She was tense initially because she doesn’t know Telugu and wondered how she would cope with it on a day to day basis. Not that she knows Hindi perfectly. She said that there is no memorising concept in New Zealand which is why she had anxiety. The first day she had lengthy dialogues, a mix of Telugu, Hindi and English. She is on par with Naga Shourya in emotional scenes. This film has a comedy of errors. It is a proper blend and is all set to receive encomiums from you. The USP of the film is fun, not slapstick comedy but it is situational comedy. Luckily for me, everything fell in place for this story. Vennela Kishore was a live wire. He heard the story on the phone and predicted it would be a hit.”

He adds, “Mahati Sagar is like a family member to Naga Shourya. He has given Chalo, a super hit for them. I am totally satisfied. The DoP has been with me from Ala Ela. Sreeram and I share a perfect rapport and you will see the quality and the lightning techniques you saw in Bheeshma. It is the same standard he maintained. He has done F3 recently and he introduced me to Naga Shourya’s family. My next subject is dark humour and I am inspired by Jandhyala films and Maniratnam’s too. I want to blend the content and making style of these two stalwarts. Upgrade? I watch a lot of world cinema and other languages”….Y.Sunita Chowdhary

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