Exclusive : Director Poluri Krishna Interview

Recce is a film with a certain charm and keeps us engaged right till the seventh episode. We have seen murder, manipulation, gaslighting, political intrigue, espionage, conspiracy, and of course, lots and lots of crime but a story revolving around contract killing is a rarity in Telugu cinema/web series. Director Krishna Poluru who had made Bucchinaidu Kandireega some time back surprises us immensely with Recce. Though his previous OTT film didn’t do well during the pandemic due to insufficient publicity, this current one makes up for all that has faded into oblivion. Klapboardpost.com has a small chat with the director.

When did this happen?

This is a web series and was designed to be one. I was already working for Zee since 2015 as a director and writer and when I got to know that they are starting a web series, I narrated a story to them and the project started swiftly and finished on time. I give the total credit to Zee head Anuradha. Without her, I couldn’t have gone ahead with the project.

Violence is something that not all like, how did this idea germinate?

In Rayalaseema, people talk about faction deaths and before killing people, the person does a recce. In this process, the supari killers just for the booty and to accomplish the task given to them risk their lives. They can be caught by cops, can be killed..so I tried to focus on such supari killers.

Is there a sequel coming up?

I didn’t think of Recce 2. I have no thought and I haven’t decided on it and in the first place I didn’t know it would be a hit. I showed all the episodes to the Press and the critics and they got excited. Their feedback after the show gave me a lot of confidence, everything fell in place for the film. It is an overwhelming feeling and there will definitely be something but not as of now. I am going to direct a film.

How did the character played by Siva Balaji get eliminated?

The kid was drawing alongside the argument and the fight was taking place in the house. Looking at that, the kid holds a compass in a standing position and the character goes and falls on it, causing instantaneous death.

Sreeram’s character was etched well too

I agree. The heroism was not shown as everyone expected, I wanted his character to be as realistic as possible. This project has nothing to do with heroism, there is no hero and villain, every character is real. There are no commercial elements and since he is not a regular cop, his simplicity came alive and people loved it.

About your next project?

I am working on a different subject, it is a film. It is a dream for any director to do a film. This is also a realistic film, something which is raw, on the lines of what director Vetrimaran usually takes up.

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