Exclusive : Hymath Mohammed Interview

Hymath Mohammed is known to us as a playback singer. Other than singing for the film industry, he along with his friends own a band and they perform regularly at corporate events and private functions, pubs too. Their band is called Band Panah, the latter means shelter and they sing Hindi, Tamil and Telugu songs. The rise of independent music and labels is definitely a good trend. Many leading singers in the country have jumped in the fray as they want to create music which they desire and it also gives them freedom to explore their talent. This is a positive step for young singers to promote their label. Talking to Y. Sunita Chowdhary of Klapboardpost.com, Hymath Mohammed says he has been in the Telugu cinema industry from 2012 and sang over 100 numbers. The latest is a song from RRR.

 Hymath Mohammad Interview

“I am from Kalva Srirampur from Karimnagar and came to Hyderabad to do MBA and also to pursue my interest and a career in music. My father is a trumpet player in a local band. I would go along with him and play drums and I am proud to say that I was in the band for ten years. I would sing in school, during festivals, district level competitions and win prizes. All this happened without a proper coach, trainer or guru. When I came to Hyderabad, I met Parthasarathy at a reality show. He was one of the judges. When I asked him why I was not selected, he said my voice was good but I lacked elementary knowledge of music. He also added that even if I were to be selected I cannot go ahead. He gave me his contact number and I asked why he can’t coach me and I went around him for ten days. I was doing MBA at that time and he would on all days coach me for an hour. He has his own studios named Keertana Studios in Ameerpet and I would spend time with him. I would meet play back singers and music directors and established a network and began working at Keertana Studios and managed to get noticed by Keeravani. My peers, that is those in my age group have begun singing with me and they have learnt music at home with the encouragement of their family. It isn’t the case with me,” says Hymath.

He narrates the reason as to why he couldn’t pursue music in his childhood in an academic way but once he did, the openings in the industry wasn’t a great struggle. He only started small and is yet to get a big break. Unfortunately in the cinema industry, even if our songs are fabulous it will remain un recognised if the film doesn’t work at the box office. It is necessary for every artiste to get that one big hit. Hymath quips, “I couldn’t learn music in childhood as I didn’t have a family which coached me or told me to pursue music. Those days focus was only on studies.. only after reaching Hyderabad, I was serious about having a career in music. I would go to different music composers and at different studios and give CDs to them. For Love cycle, music director Agastya conducted an audition for 5 or 6 songs. I too went, sang a song for the hero..Kasepu kallu musukove. I was subsequently offered a chance in Kottha Janta. I then did Lovers. JB or Jeevan Babu is the key board player and he was in Keeravani’s team. Through him, I met Keeravani and I sang three songs for him and one song for Savyasachi. One was Anup Reuben’s number in Heart Attack and Hey Abbayi song in Sreekaram and one song in Naga Shaurya starrer Lakshya.”

RRR s being made in five languages and Hymath sang one number in Kannada. The young man also sang tracks and chorus for music director Thaman. “I sang the theme song in Temper and Mani Sharma’s many tracks and chorus and a couple of songs. Singer Suniitha’s daughter debut song was with me, that was for Savyasachi. i also did my own music albums and there has been a couple of songs in Hindi and a few Hindi albums. I also tried music videos. I have come a long way, in the beginning stage of my career I got paid fifteen thousand for play back singing,” he adds. He signs off, “I have been successful in making a space for myself.”

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