Farah Khan feels today’s heroines are more privileged

Bollywood filmmaker Farah Khan in her over two-decade-long career has worked with from veteran actresses to contemporary heroines. Om Shanti Om director has now stated that the actresses now are more privileged than the yesteryear actresses.

“I feel today, everything is looked after much more, though I don’t see any lack of hard work on the part of today’s girls. They are as hardworking as the girls earlier. It is just that the girls earlier had to do a lot more. They did not have personal trainers, managers or vanity vans. They had to work harder in a sense,” said Farah.

When asked about the dancing skills of the then and today’s actresses, she dodges off the question with a diplomatic answer. She says, “It’s been 25 years, and I have choreographed Sridevi and Madhuri (Dixit Nene) and also the girls of today. You can’t compare them”.