Gabbar Singh Combo On Cards?

Gabbar Singh can be called as a milestone in Pawan Kalyan’s career. When his career was going on a lean phase, it came in like a savior for him and of course, no one could pull off that role as elegant as Pawan. But the credit also goes to director Harish Shankar for localizing the Dabangg’s script with necessary changes which had become a huge plus for the film.

After that film, even Harish Shankar couldn’t get such a huge hit. Currently, he is working with Allu Arjun for the film DJ: Duvvada Jagannadham. Meanwhile, apparently Harish has prepared a cop story which will be on the lines of Gabbar Singh. It seems that Harish is wanting Pawan to act in this film. So if everything falls into place, we might have a film in Pawan-Harish’s combo very soon.