Gopichand Interview: I Made A Right Choice

Gopichand Tottempudi had a long film journey of more than 16 years from Tholivalapu in 2001 to Goutham Nanda releasing on 28th of this month in the direction of Sampath Nandi.

The stylish film with brand new content has been making positive vibes from its inception.

Apparently, one and half year period between two releases is a long gap for Gopichand but he is still confident of having made a right choice in Goutham Nanda and Sampath Nandi.

Gopichand spoke at length on an exclusive chit chat with Greatandhra and are here are the excerpts:

Q. You might have been under some sort of stress working on Goutham Nanda?

A. Couple of my films kept hold on release from a very long time made me feel nervous. But, when I heard Goutham Nanda story from Sampath Nandi, I judged at first listening that this is a super hit script and I know I made a right choice immediately by signing it in last September.

Q. Isn’t one and half year gap huge for a hero of your stature?

A. Certain things aren’t exactly in our hands. We just need to follow time and wait with patience till the end. I agree one and half year time gap is too big but Goutham Nanda will balance it.

Q. What makes you so confident about Goutham Nanda?

A. It’s the story, script, director Sampath Nandi and overall team effort. Trust my words, after a very long patch I got a character which gave me complete satisfaction as an actor. My character has got action, performance and all kind of emotions with good thought provoking dialogues. It has been a superb work experience to work with positive minded team members.

Though I cannot judge on commercial success range Goutham Nanda will have, I am confident that this film is going to bring me back in form. It gave me huge job satisfaction.

Q. Is Goutham Nanda carrying a social message?

A. This is a pukka commercial script with hard hitting reality. It is important for every person to know about himself. Goutham Nanda questions himself Who Am I and the tagline of our film is apt.

Q. Is there any philosophical or intellectual flavor in the film?

A. As I said you, one can find pure commerciality in Goutham Nanda teaser and trailer. Whole film is carried with same intensity with lively atmosphere and grand rich visuals. Thanks to our cameraman Soundar Rajan.

Q. You were praising Soundar Rajan other day at audio launch?

A. Sampath Nandi actually had a vision on Goutham Nanda making. Soundar Rajan enhanced Sampath’s impact by thousands of times. His shot making, arranging the blocks, location scouting and all sorts of care kept on Goutham Nanda took it to a higher level. Sampath Nandi and Soundar Rajan were in perfect sync.

Q. Racha and Bengal Tiger, what made you to select Sampath Nandi?

A. Racha and Bengal Tiger are pure commercial heroism films. Before meeting Sampath Nandi, I was in a wrong notion that all he can give me is one more film of Racha or Bengal Tiger scale with good heroism elevation.

Once he began narrating Goutham Nanda script for two and half hours, I was in deep shock. This man is highly skilled and has contrastingly viable commercial storylines. All I can say is, Goutham Nanda unveils a new face of Sampath Nandi and industry will appreciate, respect him lot with this film.

Q. Was there a minor delay in release planning?

A. Sampath Nandi had a tight plan on finishing the production. He is a master at execution. For such a large canvass film, we took only five days extra to finish off the entire works. Post production required more CG and so is a bit of delay. However, budget is kept in control and our producers are very happy.

Q. This is your second film with Bhgavan and Pulla Rao garu?

A. I strictly follow the rules of safe guarding not only my producer’s money but I also want to see buyers, exhibitors and everyone to be happy with my film. In this case, my producers are very happy and they may have ran into profit zone.

I sat with Bhagavan and Pulla Rao to discuss about Sampath Nandi’s vision and scale of grandeur he is expecting. Like me, they have trusted on story and focused on a smooth finishing. I believe in preserving the good will and belief of producers and buyers. Goutham Nanda is gunshot the safest project.

Q. Was there any adverse impact on Goutham Nanda business with respect to two of his film on hold?

A. By god’s grace, there was no impact. Some films generate a positive vibration at the very beginning. Goutham Nanda title, first look and teaser sent positive feelers into the market.

Q. SS Thaman was so excited at audio function?

A. As soon as I came out from dubbing theater with Sampath Nandi, we shared a common opinion. We’ve got a very strong product and SS Thaman’s background music is the prime area to enhance this effect.

Thankfully, Sampath Nandi’s story inspired SS Thaman by leaps and bounds. Thaman usually says, please give me content and I can do magic with music. He got overwhelming content in Goutham Nanda and gave a befitting background which you all will appreciate.

Q. Working with Hansika and Catherine?

A. Hansika played Sphoorthi, a girl living in her own small world close to her off screen character. Catherine is ultra modern belonging to pub culture and carrying an attitude. Both the heroines are presented glamorously. Normally, I am shy personality but Sampath Nandi made me to dance in rain with them. Goutham Nanda songs are a visual feast.

Q. Finally, how do you describe Goutham Nanda?

A. Goutham Nanda is a film with two characteristic shades in one hero. How Goutham grows to Goutham Nanda is the basic plot. 100 percent this is a commercial film which can make audience feel happy. Go and watch it in theaters on July 28th. I assure you, you will come out with a happy expression on face.

Q. About the upcoming films?

A. I’ve already heard two to three scripts. I hope to take a final call only after Goutham Nanda release… Gopichand signed off with the same endearing smile.