Sri Reddy praises KCR

Actress Sri Reddy has made allegations regarding the sexual harassment prevailing in the film industry and Telangana Government has finally responded to her allegations. Considering the petitions filed by her and other female organization, a G.O. has been passed to form a committee. Sri Reddy on Facebook posted, “Being a Hyderabadi Proud moment today..Thank u soooooooo much real hero kcr dream came true today..from mark of bitch now you made me a heroine to this world..1 year of my pain gave the birth..g.o passed by government against sexual harrassment..for movie industry committee is forming soon on sexual got tremendous result for my removing clothes..main persons who made this true is sandya ,vasudha,sajaya,tej love u all..for this movement heart is “apoorva”..thank u every one..

According to G.O 984, actress Supriya, anchor & actress Jhansi and filmmaker Nandini Reddy are being appointed as the representatives of this committee along with Professor from Nalsar university Vasanthi, a doctor from Gandhi hospital Rama Devi, and social worker Vijaya Lakshmi as the members of the committee.

Telangana State Film Development Corporation chairman Ram Mohan Rao, Producer – Director Thammareddy Bharadwaja, Producer – Director Sudhakar Reddy are also the members. Ram Mohan Rao will be working as the chairman of this committee. Any film worker who has been violated or harassed can come forward an appeal to them without any fear, said the committee.