Niharika Gets Angry On Being Asked About Wedding

Mega actress Niharika has been hogging the limelight over her wedding apart from her professional life. The actress has been often been linked up to Baahubali actor Prabhas. Though Niharika and even Megastar Chiranjeevi rubbished her marriage rumours, it keeps floating all over again.

Niharika Gets Angry On Reporter

In this milieu, Niharika when asked by a reporter when she would get married, the actress loses her calm and got angry. She hurled at his strongly asking him its none of his business. However, when the reporter tells her that he was enquiring about her upcoming film Happy Wedding, Niharika understands the goof up done by her and apologises.

Hey folks, if you’re thinking it is all true, then you’re mistaken. Happy Wedding makers came with a spoof that has gone viral.

Niharika Konidela Fires About Rumours On Her Marriage