Here’s What Makes Katrina Happy

Leggy lass Katrina Kaif says a good food is enough to cheer her up. The actress says, “Food gets me going. Nothing can cheer me up better than a good meal”. She has revealed her favourite food destinations in Mumbai and Delhi and what food she likes to gorge the most. Like many of us, Kat also enjoys street food, who says, “I love street food and any street place that offers ‘paya’ with ‘kadak pav’ will instantly be a favourite for me. I can eat my heart out with ‘paya’ and pav.”

Katrina Kaif Reveals Her Favorite Food Spots

Coming to Mumbai being the costal city, she loves the sea food and calls herself an afficinado of crabs and prawns. “I also love seafood, with prawns and crabs being my comfort food. Mumbai being a coastal city and has some of the best seafood restaurants, especially around Mahim and Juhu,” she said. Talking about Dlehi, she considers it be the best for street food whihc also hubs fine-dining restaruarnst. “The street food here is something to die for, I think Delhi gives you a lot of options and variety to choose from. From chaat in Bengali Market to kebab and paranthe in Chandni Chowk, I would want to try everything. Delhi also has some good fine-dining options,” she adds.