High resolution 4K videos from Google.

It’s a great delight to have the days offering the best of the technology in all categories and as such talking about the technology, Google the tech giant has come up with its 4K videos on Google play store lately. With the rise in the demand for 4K resolution videos Google has taken steps to serve people with the best crystal clear clarity in its videos.

Initially Google had SHIELD Android TV the only Google-Y device to give 4k video output but recently we also see Chromecast Ultra and Mi Box which gave Google reasons to make 4K videos. Gone are the days where people used to choose video clarity between 480p and 720p and now with the advent of unlimited high speed internet people choose high clarity videos, movies and games which can be played on 4K enabled Android devices, Smartphones and other consoles.

The videos and movies can be chosen on rental basis or can also be purchased from the Google play store. The price of the 4K resolution videos has not been specifically mentioned as of now but the blog related to the Google’s 4k videos has mentioned the price details of the 4K videos. The price for the rental based 4Kvideos would be $7.99 and $29.99 to purchase a 4k movie.  As of now the Google has added only 125 movies in its store and will be upgrading it will lot many movies. The movies which claim 4K resolution are available only in the USA and Canada and will be made available very soon in all the countries. So people who would want high clarity videos and movies can get the best out of Google’s 4k videos from its Play store.