Hyderabad Man held for rape-murder

Marri Srinivas Reddy, a 28-year-old, was arrested on Tuesday by the  Rachakonda police for raping and murdering three who were aged between 11 to 18 years. The cops have said that the accused is a serial rapist and murderer.

The issue came to light after tension prevailed in Hazipur in Bommalaramaram mandal of Yadadri Bhong after finding the remains of a  14-year-old in a dried-up well. Two days later, on the discovery of another body of a 17-year-girl has sent the villagers into shockwaves, who had gone missing for the past four months.

Upon the investigation, the police officials said, “He along with four co-workers were residing in a rented house and they brought one unknown female lady to their room and sexually assaulted her, killed her, dumped her body in a water tank and vacated the house,”. Meanwhile, Rachakonda Commissioner of Police Mahesh Bhagwat said on Tuesday, “Considering how heinous the crimes are, we will try to get the death penalty for the accused. The accused will get maximum punishment and we will try to help the families as well.”

The accused Srinivas Reddy works as a lift mechanic. It is learnt that he committed these crimes in the same village for the past four years. After committing the crime, he dumped the body in the dried-up well to remove the evidence.