Indians Slam Priyanka Chopra Quantico

Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico is the last season that is going on after which it will not go on air. But the American serial has entangled itself into a controversy by inviting the wrath of the Indians. Yes, you read it right. Indians aren’t impressed with Quantico’s latest episode for showing Indians terrorists. As per the episdoe, a few Indians were shown as to blow up Manhattan and putting the balme on Pakistan. This didn’t go down well and lamabasted on Twitter.

Here are the tweets:

However, one user condemned the trolls for sensationalising it by viewing from the wrong perspective. His tweet read, “For 3 seasons Priyanka and Quantico have been hyping India. She’s the Hindu/Indian hero of the show for 3 years but one episode the Indian is the villain y’all freak out? How stupid! They’ve been showing India as good this whole time, one episode and all you nationalist lose it.”