Jacqueline Opens Up On Hug Controversy

Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez hit the headlines recently, not for her Race 3 promotions, but for hugging a child despite he said no. Jacqueline along with Salman and Anil Kapoor went to a dance reality show Dance Deewane for the promotion of their film. During the show, Jacqueline expressed her desire to hug the little boy after his dance performance. However, the unwilling boy said no saying, “he isn’t feeling like it”. But our Dabangg Khan in a jest took Jacqueline to the stage and as Salman held onto the boy, the actress hugged the boy. The actor again asked the boy to hug her, for which the boy bumped into Jacqueline. And this has drawn netizes ire on the social media platform.

When Jacqueline ws asked about the hug contorvesy, she sadi she was aware of her inteniton which wasn’t wrong. “I know what my intention was and it wasn’t wrong. I have a nephew. He does not like to be hugged at times, but I still hug him as I am his aunt. My intentions weren’t wrong and it’s my right to believe that. At the same time, I completely respect other people’s opinions. Like I said, I have a right to believe that I did nothing wrong and my feelings were just like that of an elder sister towards a younger brother. I feel it is important that people voice opinions. It is fantastic. Just because we are celebs, does not mean that people would stay quiet. It is not like you can do something and get away with it. It is great that people have opined and I respect that. I understand where people’s concerns are coming from,” she said.