JD-Chandrababu pact is now an open secret

Poor Lakshminarayana. This joint director of the CBI, who probed in Jagan’s assets, posed as a great symbol of virtues and values. He pontificated like a paragon of virtues. He spoke about rural development and Swami Vivekananda’s greatness. But, finally landed in the lap of the TDP. He tried to mould public opinion in his favour through inspired leaks. But, when he actually opened up, there was intense criticism from all quarters. The netizens gave a thumbs down for his decision and said his secret dalliance with Chandrababu has now come out into the open. It was also pointed out as to why he gave leaks to pro-Chandrababu media about Jagan’s case. It also became clear that the whole case was fabricated to wreak vengeance on YS Jagan.

Due to the negative criticism, Laksminarayana changed his mind and has now decided to join the Jana Sena. He met Pawan Kalyan on Saturday midnight. Meanwhile, to help him win, the TDP has kept both Bheemili and Pendurthy seats empty for JD. Now one of these seats would be given to Jana Sena to enable JD to contest from them.

The secret pact is now out in the open.