Choreographer Demands Apology From Chinmayi

The Kollywood witnessed #MeToo after popular singer Chinmayi vented out in public first and then other women joined her naing the sexual predators But during the ensuing heated movement, Choreographer Kalyan has sought an apology from Chinmayi for bringing out his name in the #MeToo movement. I have never said ‘I love you’ to a girl and how can I dare to ask a woman to give her phone number,” says Kalyan.

Kalyan Master Name Got Drageed In #MeToo

“I was expecting a call to apologise or a sorry message from her,” the choreographer explains. I felt really bad and was wondering why me when the person could have played the prank on someone else,” Kalyan says. Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that Chinamyi had tweeted back then about the prank being played on Kalyan.

“But I feel one cannot come to a judgement without doing verification on the allegations. I believe the victims will get justice if they go to court rather than posting it on Twitter or Facebook,” he adds.