Kangana would throw her child in the sea for this

Fierce Kangana Ranaut is the first celebrity who spoke about nepotism in Bollywood. Not only nepotism but Manikarnika actress has been vocal about many issues apart from showbiz. In an interview, Kangana was asked if she would carry the nepotism to her child in helping him/her in holding foothold in the industry. To this, Kangana said she would throw her child in the sea to let the child make his/her way.

“Well, see, if I do that, the possibility of him being a good director will become 50 percent. If I really care for him and if I am really a good mother, I would let him find his own way because to make a good director, a good living toh he can make out of anything and anywhere. But if I want him to be an extraordinary person, I will throw him in the sea, either he will drown or he will make it, that is if I want to create an exceptional human being, an extraordinary human being can only be created like that,” Kangana said.