Kangana’s sister slams Karan Johar

A-list actress Kangana Ranaut is known for speaking her mind out. Earlier, she has slammed Karan Johar on his show himself for promoting nepotism Bollywood. Now, its Kangana’s sister who has slammed KJo for mentioning her sister’s name in the A-list actresses on his show. She tweeted, “This is movie mafia, he #KaranJohar talks about acting without mentioning multiple national award winner only to create perception about his own preffered Nepo kids…”.

Recently, Kangan accused Aamir and Alia Bhatt who haven’t come to cheer her up for directorial debut screening of Marnika while she has always extended her support to them. “I reached out to Alia and asked her what makes her think Manikarnika is my personal controversy, it’s a film whole nation is talking about and wondering why Bollywood is keeping quiet on such a relevant work. I asked her if I can be courteous and gracious to acknowledge her requests for encouraging relevant work that she does, why is she so scared to see my film. I suggested that she grows some spine,” she said.