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Katrina was once highest paid South actress with her debut film Malliswari

Katrina Kaif is one the A-list actresses in Bollywood. She ventured into modelling at the age of fourteen and then made acting debut with Boom in 2003. She then ventured into South, and signed her first Telugu film opposite Venkatesh Daggubati in 2004 starring in Malliswari. The film was a huge hit and garnered moolah for the producers with its rib-tickling comedy and Katrina’s oozing hotness quotient.

Katrina Kaif Malliswari remuneration

Meanwhile, do you know how much Katrina took the fee as the female lead for Malliswari? You will be shell-shocked to know that the fee made her the top-most highest paid South actress back then. Wondering how much she charged? Well, Kat took home a whopping of Rs 70 lakhs. Post that her last Telugu film was Nandamuri Balakrishna Allari Pidugu in 2005. Speaking about her experience in the South industry, she had once told a tabloid, “I was doing a lot of ads and was always a bigger size than most models. If most models are a UK size eight, I was always a UK size 10 or 12. In South India, they really liked that. (Laughs) I was wearing a tight dress and I was around a size 12, and it became a point of discussion because I looked really curvy. So I got lots of calls. They offered me the highest amount ever paid to any Hindi actor, and I hadn’t even done a Hindi film till then.”

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