Kondapolam Movie Review

Starring: Vaishnav Tej, Rakul Preet Singh, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Nasser, Sai Chand, Ravi Prakash, Hema, Mahesh Vitta and others
Director: Krish Jagarlamudi
Producers: Saibabu Jagarlamudi, Rajeev Reddy
Music Director: M.M.Keeravaani
Cinematography : Gnana Sekhar VS
Editor: Shravan Katikaneni
Release Date : October 08,2021

Kondapolam Movie Review

National Award-winning director, Krish is ready with his new film Kondapolam. The film is out and, read our review to know if the film has any juice in it or not.


The film is about Ravindra(Vaishnav Tej) who wants to become an IFS officer. He along with his father(Sai Chand) and childhood love(Obulamma) enter the Nallamala forest and decide to do Konda Polam in the barren lands. But there is a threat of a tiger and gritty smugglers. How Ravindra overcomes all this and comes out successfully is the story of Kondapolam.


Kondapolam undoubtedly belongs to Rakul Preet Singh who is terrific as Obulamma. Rakul goes de-glam and showcases that she can act as well. She is the sheer anchor and her dialogue delivery is also quite good. Sai Chand as Tej’s father is impressive with his role and get up.

Ravi Prakash, the character actor gets a good role after ages and he is amazing. He gets good screen space and does so well. Vaishnav Tej needs to improve a lot. Though Krish has extracted good performance from him, Tej still looks quite naive in his role.


Krish and his films always have gritty drama and the same is the case with Kondapolam as well. His narrative, backdrop he chooses and performance bind the film. Actors like Kota have been showcased in such good roles.

The music by Keeravani is quite good but the veteran shocks everyone with his BGM. However, Kondapola is not short of demerits. Krish takes way too much time to show the plight of the villagers and this takes the film down and makes it look boring.

Also, the love songs featuring the lead cast could have been avoided. Kondapolam is a serious drama and Krish has adapted the novel in a decent manner. Those who have an ear for realistic dramas can savor it this week.

Bottom Line – Slow but Realistic

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