Kurnool worries for Chandrababu

The maverick Kotla family is keeping the Telugu Desam boss on tenterhooks. They are keeping Chandrababu in perpetual guessing mode. Though they have announced that they would sail with the TDP, the formal joining is not happening. So, the big question is why is he postponing the formal joining into the party? There are many reasons, say those in the know. The most important, according to them, is the stiff opposition from KE family.

The KE family, which too, like Kotla family, considers Dhone as their fiefdom. So, Kotla family’s entry was not to the liking of KE family. They relented only after Babu assured that the KEs will get Dhone. The buzz is that Chandrababu has decided that Kotla Suryaprakash Reddy’s wife would be given Aluru seat instead. But, even in Aluru, the TDP leadership is staunchy opposed to Kotla family’s intrusion.

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Meanwhile, the TDP has problems in Panyam seat too. With YSRCP chief YS Jagan deciding to give the party ticket to Rambhupal Reddy, the Gouru family is set to join the TDP. If this family gets the TDP ticket, then TDP loyalist Erasu Pratap Reddy could rebel against this decision. So, Chandrababu is said to be trying to placate Erasu. Thus, the TDP is beset with problems in Kurnool. District. There are going to be problems even with the Nandyal MP seat. Few more problems are going to crop up soon, insiders warn. Tough time indeed for Chandrababu!!