Kushi Movie Review

Starring: Vijay Deverakonda, Samantha, Jayaram, Sachin Khedakar, Murali Sharma, Lakshmi, Ali, Rohini Molleti, Vennela Kishore, Rahul Ramakrishna, Srikanth Iyenger, Saranya Pradeep
Director: Shiva Nirvana
Producers: Naveen Yerneni, Ravi Shankar
Music Director: Hesham Abdul Wahab
Cinematographer: G. Murali
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Release Date : Sep 1st, 2023

Kushi is Vijay Devarakonda’s latest release post the debacle of Liger. He has teamed up with Samantha and Shiva Nirvana for this film which was released today. Read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


Viplav (played by Vijay Deverakonda) works at BSNL and falls in love with Aradhya (played by Samantha). They get married, but things get complicated when they have to deal with the challenges of pregnancy. The tricky part is that their families follow different religions, which makes things even harder. The movie is all about how the couple deals with their problems and makes their marriage work.


Vijay Deverakonda does a good job playing the guy in love and the frustrated husband. Samantha also does well in her role, and the chemistry between them is nice. The star heroine was amazing in the second half the film as she delivered a memorable performance and stole the show. Other actors like Murali Sharma and Sachin Khedekar also did well in their mature roles. The rest of the supporting cast, including Lakshmi, Rahul Ramakrishna, and others, did okay.

What’s Good

Sam and Vijay Deverakonda’s chemistry
Superb songs
First half
A few emotions

What’s Bad

Lack of depth in promotions
Rushed climax


The best thing about Kushi is the music by Hesham Abdul Wahab. The songs are good, and they fit nicely into the story. The movie looks decent, with good camera work in the first half. Shiva Nirvana, who directed Tuck Jagadish, is back with another romantic drama in “Kushi.” The story is simple and has been seen in many other movies before. What makes this movie interesting is how it’s presented.

The first half is romantic, while the second half is full of family drama and emotions. The problems the couple faces because of their different religions are something many families can relate to. The dialogues and sets are cool. However, the editing could have been better in the first half, especially during a fight scene. The story and writing by Shiva Nirvana are okay.

The ending of the movie is done well because it doesn’t take sides. The conflicts in the second half are handled nicely. However, the downside is that the movie is easy to predict, and there are moments that feel like we’ve seen them in other movies. The emotional moments in the second half are touching, but the ending feels a bit rushed.

The way the hero’s father and others realize their mistakes happens too quickly. Despite these flaws, “Kushi” still has good songs, funny moments in the first half, and heartwarming family scenes. If you can overlook the predictability, you’ll enjoy the movie. Just go in with low expectations.

Bottom Line- Time Pass watch


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