Mahesh asks for Maharshi re-shoot

Mahesh Babu’s Maharshi is raising excitement levels among his fans. There is great enthusiasm as this is Mahesh Babu’s 25th film and will see Mahesh and Allari Naresh coming together for the first ever time. Also, this film has a social message and deals with friendship, values and parent sentiment. So, the fans are waiting for April 25 when the film will hit the marquee.

Even the shooting is almost done and the producer and the director are planning for promotions. When everything looked hunky dory, here comes the biggest shock. Mahesh Babu is reportedly not happy with the first cut. He is said to be not happy with some key scenes in the film and now wants a reshoot of a major portion of the film. While there is no official word yet about this, it is now increasingly becoming clear that if reshoot gets done, then the release date will have to be postponed.

Re-shoot means more money and more time. Adjusting the dates is also a big problem. But, films like Srimanthudu too went for a major re-shoot and the film has gone on to do very well. It remains to be seen what producer Dil Raju will do.