Transactions Done Without Internet

For over the last few weeks most people have been facing much difficulty in cash transactions due to demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes. It’s been a tough time in paying bills, making utility payments and purchasing necessary goods and services ranging from smaller amount to bigger amount. With the demonetization came several mobile wallets which provided greater benefit to people in meeting all the daily needs by digital cashless transactions.

One popular mobile wallet among many is PayTM. This has been serving people greatly with many value added features wherein people can see no effect of demonetization on them. There are many offline merchants who accept PayTM and in order to have your cashless transactions done you need to have a smartphone with a PayTM app installed and registered. With this mobile App one can pay the bills, shop online, make utility payments, buy groceries, recharge mobile phones, order food and pay petrol bills etc. This was a great relief in the times of demonetization helping people meet their daily needs despite not having cash in hand. Almost all the transactions have become cashless and people started using PayTM for almost all the things.

To reach the unreached, PayTM has come up with the toll free number 1800-1800-1234 and this is a great move by the company to help people who do not have smartphones and can still make use of PayTM toll free number for cashless transactions. Yes! All that you consumers and merchants have to do is register with PayTM using your mobile number and set a four digit pin number. Once you register with PayTM you can enter the recipient’s mobile number, amount and PayTM pin to successfully transfer the amount from your PayTM wallet to others’ PayTM wallet. All that you need to do is just call the toll free number and go cashless transactions giving and receiving money. Currently there are many offline merchants who accept PayTM as a payment mode. It is accepted by taxis, petrol bunks, restaurants, autos, grocery stores, pharmacies, coffee shops, parking, multiplexes hospitals and many other service providers. The company aims at enabling all Indians to have cashless transactions even without a smartphone.