Man Vs Wild: Modi’s first vacation in 18 years

The much-awaited episode of  Bear Grylls Man Vs Wild which has Prime Minister Narendra Modi was telecast on Monday. Modi and Grylls traversed through the jungles Uttarakhand’s  Jim Corbett National Park stressing the importance of environmental change and wildlife conservation.

Modi speaking about his political journey underlines that the time he has spent with Grylls is his first vacation in 18 years. He says, “If I consider this time as a vacation, then I must say I am taking a vacation for the first time in 18 years.” The episode showed Modi being “great sport” as Grylls dubs him for braving the rain and cold in the Jim Corbett National Park.

Grylls during the show spoke to Modi about his dreams, becoming Prime Minister to ever having fears in life. Speaking about the fear or nervousness, Modi said, “It never occurs to me who I am. I am above all this. When I was a chief minister and even now as the prime minister, I only think of my work, my responsibilities. My position never goes to my head,” he added.