Mohan Babu: CBN backstabbed NTR, his sons

Veteran actor Mohan Babu after two decades has taken a dive into politics. The actor joined YSRCP and is campaigning in Mangalagiri, the same turf where Nara Lokesh is contesting. Mohan Babu during his campaign made a direct attack on CBN stating let alone backstabbing Chandrababu, but also chated his son, who were naive and gullible and away from political conspiracies.

“I had been with the TDP much before Naidu came into the party. His political foundation was the Congress party and he had even boasted that he would contest against his father-in-law NTR. Later, he made NTR helpless by grabbing the party,” Mohan Babu said. “But Naidu cheated them and used them in dethroning NTR,” he added.

Mohan Babu also underlines that corruption which is an all-time high in the TDP regime. He urged people to vote for YSRCP and bring the change.

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