Mythri Producers Angry On Sreenu Vaitla

Sreenu Vaitla is the top director in the Telugu film industry who has recently scored a flop with the film Amar Akbar Anthony. Amidst huge hype and a lot of expectations, the movie released but failed big time at the box office. Meanwhile, there is also a rumor in the industry that the budget has gone up because of the director himself. The producers were still okay with it and co-operated with the director by providing whatever he asked for.

Now, there is a huge discussion happening in the film industry that Sreenu Vaitla approached the film unit to settle his pending remuneration to which the producers were angry.

Straightaway, the producers have hit back at the director making it clear that because of him, the movie flopped and has gone over budget. They are in no mood to clear the bills of the director and Sreenu Vaitla is now planning to approach the biggies for a possible solution to the problem.