Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Nani To Support Kaushal This Weekend?

The audiences are waiting for the weekend Bigg Boss show as many are eagerly wants to know Nani would be training guns at whihc contestant. And we are here to tell you how the weekend would unfold. Apparently, Nani might support Kaushal Manda this weekend as he is being pressurised from the public to shoot questions at Tanish and Geetha who are the main culprits in bring the house to a noisy mode. Nani would be raising KAUSHAL’s Dog issue, Questions to Geeta Madhuri, Tanish threatening words to Kaushal.

Meanwhile, Kaushal’s wife, Neelima Manda has posted an emotional video on the Facebook page, which has also gone viral on YouTube. In the 7-minute long video, Neelima has thanked Kaushal fans for their immense and unconditional support to him. On the other side,  the finale will be held on September 30 and the audience is wondering who would be the chief guest of the Bigg Boss finale. And the buzz is that it would have two-star heroes and yes your guess is right. The show organisers are planning to have Jr NTR and Nagarjuna. Well, that would be a double treat for the audience.