Nani Wife Anjana Responds To Sri Reddy Controversy

Sri Reddy controversy is turning murkier with each passing day. The actress trained guns at Nani for exploiting her and threatened to leak “dirty picture’ of Nani. To this Big Boss 2 host, Nani sent a legal notice to her and Sri Reddy responded to it.

Actor Nani Wife Anjana Yelavarthy Comments On Sri Reddy

Now, actor Nani’s wife Anjana Yelavarthy has reacted to the ongoing mud-slinging. She took to Twitter and posted, “This industry has been kind but it troubles me to see that once in a while there comes along someone who puts their publicity ahead of other people’s lives. No1 believes those ridiculous statements anyway. It is abt how little they think before degrading themselves to such levels.”

Previously, we informed you that Sri Reddy released a video of herself and stated, “Just because your reputation is at stake, you had sent me a legal notice. I will show how a victim can fight. Your conscience knows if you had done a mistake or not. I pray to God that truth prevails and that you get punished.” All we have to do is wait for the moment when truth shall come out.