Neeve Telugu Musical Dance Video

Neeve, the trilingual(Telugu,Tamil n Kannada) musical dance video is what everyone is raving about. It’s rare situation where musical dance video’s get million views especially when its come from regional.
But “Neeve” is something different,applaud by most of the top celebrities too.
Let check out the who are behind the game.

Crowdfunding: Well its a Crowdfunded (Raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small/big amount, typically via the Internet for the project) project and makers were pitched their project details via YouTube channel and other crowdfunded platform.

Crowdfunding pitch by film makers

Major Cast & crew details:

Featuring Shreya Deshpande and Niranjan Harish
Written and Directed by Gomtesh Upadhye
Music Composed by Phani Kalyan
Choreography by Vishwakiran Nambi
Song lyrics by SreeJo
Singers: Yazin Nizar and Sameera Bharadwaj
Director of Photography: Gomtesh Upadhye and Akshay Rao

It might easy to judge once everything falls good in a bucket but it seems makers put literally blood in a project where we can see lead pair practicing.

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