No cash in Hand? Reliance Jio Services.

The demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes have hit the daily transactions badly causing much difficulty in meeting daily needs. Hundreds of thousands of people came front in support of the decision taken by the government which would put an end to black money, fake currency and corruption. With the demonetization of these notes, most people started facing difficulties in purchasing things ranging from basic household items to high price products. In times of such difficulty several mobile Apps and mobile wallets have given great relief to people for having done their purchases and sales with online transactions. In order to widen the cashless transaction services for people across the nation using mobile Apps and mobile wallets, Reliance Jio brings you a surprise!


Yes, Reliance has come up with a new digital payment App named “Jio-Money”to serve people who are out of cash in hand.  This new app claims high volume transactions and would benefit the small merchants a lot. After demonetization, several people started using PayTM App to perform their cashless transactions. This App provided services like recharging your mobile phones, paying bills, booking tickets and transferring money etc. As people who have only smartphones with internet connectivity and an App are able to run a day smoothly and rest who are out of cash in hand have to face great difficulty in having cash transactions. The good news is that Reliance Jio has crossed 50 million users in a short span of time and it has extended the free data and voice calls services until March 31st, 2017.

So what are you waiting for? Are you out of cash in hand? All that you need to do is just download the Reliance Jio-Money App and avail the benefits of cashless transactions. This App needs an internet connectivity on your smartphones and can be used for smaller transactions to bigger transactions helping people from all geographical locations who have no option other than going for a cashless transaction.