Opinion: Lakshmi Manchu’s response expected

Do you remember May 2017? It was the time when Tollywood celebrities queued up at the prohibition and excise department office in Hyderabad? For two months the news channels and websites got their feed and all social gatherings had one topic to discuss – the people who are involved in the drugs case. Almost 90 percent of the Tollywood stars take drugs but none of their names come out. It is only the small fish who get caught, their reputation is sullied and their career comes to a knot. It is business as usual later on. Names like Puri Jagan, Mumaith Khan, Ravi Teja, Charmme, Shyam K Naidu, Tanish, Subba Raju, Navdeep never figure in the charge sheet. There are more names that cannot be taken here, name them, they are in the dragnet. A delegation of the movie artistes association meet the chief minister during the investigation and after that the probe gets diluted. The whole drug probe is a mere eye wash.  There are sons of super stars, stars and character artistes involved in the drugs racket, it is all visible out there but the industry never talks about them. Those who talk about them saying it is not a done thing is sure to have an addict in her or his house. A similar thing is going on in Bollywood. A star is murdered but none speak because the prime accused is just the tip of the iceberg. If names are taken Bollywood crumbles, it will fall down like a pack of cards and that will not be allowed.The call records reportedly suggest that Rhea has been making phone calls to Rana Daggubati and Rakul Preet Singh. It could be a casual conversation but talk to the industry insiders they will have a lot to say. Yesterday Lakshmi Manchu was supporting Rhea in her Tweet, and why won’t she? Isn’t Rakul her best friend? Isn’t Rakul Rhea’s friend? So on and so forth. It doesn’t take too much to understand what is going on in the industry? The people are screaming for justice for Sushant Singh, for all we know this too will have a closure like Sunanda Pushkar’’s case. Very soon the small fish will be arrested and we shall see Maha govt reach an understanding with the BJP. The case will be diverted, diluted and whatever. Social media will definitely be active, they will scream but that will be of no use. We have been reading lately about the vilification of Rhea Chakraborthy and how doing drugs is a normal thing, it shouldn’t be treated as a crime. Public has become smart, they know to read between the lines and also the headlines. All that is given to the media for printing or pasting on websites is junk, pre junk.

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