Opinion: Rhea can continue yoga sessions in jail soon

Baba Ramdev will be very pleased with Rhea. During the one month stay in jail, she not only kept her spirits up but also inspired her jail mates to do something very constructive. Consuming drugs and going to the gym for workouts is something not all can do. Her lawyer Satish Maneshinde said he went to meet her in jail to see how she was holding up and he was relieved. She would conduct yoga classes for the inmates, and adjusted herself very well eating whatever was given to her as she couldn’t get home made food due to the pandemic. If she gets convicted next time by the CBI, she can continue the yoga sessions.

Her lawyer a couple of days back told the court that since she didn’t have money, she needs at least one month’s time to pay the one lakh to the court. This is not amusing. A middle class girl, who cannot afford to pay 17 thousand Rs EMI, affords the best lawyer in the court who charges ten lakh rupees per appearance from her and states the client needs time to pool the resources.  Maneshinde also said that Rhea is ready to ‘fight back’ and restore her reputation. He further says, “Rhea was hounded because Sushant’s family was after her. The family has been very vindictive towards Rhea for reasons I am not aware of. Even the investigating agencies – ED, CBI and NCB – have been after Rhea because she used to live with Sushant”. Calling out news channels Maneshinde told a friendly news channel NDTV, “The media channels hounding Rhea were doing so only because of TRPs. They were peddling fake news and should be brought to court”.

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