Pawan jumped into politics at right age unlike others: Telakapalli Ravi in exclusive interview

Senior journalist and political analyst Telakapalli Ravi in an exclusive interview has opened up on Andhra Pradesh political spectrum to the latest data theft issue. In an exclusive promo, when asked about the current political spectrum Telakapalli Ravi said that it has become like a barter system with mutual benefits.

Asked about Pawan Kalyan’s political plunge, he is quick to add that Pawan Kalyan took the political plunge at the right time and correct age. “Unlike others who join politics in their retirement age, Paan Kalyan joined when h was still doing cinemas”. When asked that many surveys are predicting that YSRCP chief YS Jagan would be the next AP CM, Telakapalli Ravi says that it’s too early to make a statement. Apart from speaking on hero Sivaji to the latest YSRCP boycotting media many things were covered in. Watch the exclusive promo here: