Pawan Kalyan Cheated Me: Renu Desai On Her Divorce

Renu Desai, after keeping quiet for long-time, has finally broken her silence on the reason of her divorce with actor and Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan. Former actress and director Renu Desai in an interview has spilt the beans about the reason of her divorce stating that Pawan Kalyan had cheated on her.

Renu Desai Reveals Reason On Her Divorce

Renu Desai said that Pawan was in a relationship with another woman and had a baby with her, at a time when he was married to her. When asked why she maintained silence, Renu Desai said that her new in-laws told her why to hid the facts when it is not your fault.

“Pawan Kalyan asked for the divorce and I don’t want to say the reasons but my in-laws told me to clear the air when it is not my fault, ” she said. She further asserted that she never finds fault when fans say her vodina but addressing as “Pawan Kalyan’s wife”  and “vodina” is a detest for her. She says that fans should understand that Pawan Kalyan is married and leading a new life, let the fans lead her life now, giving her privacy.