Pawan Kalyan suits as best host to Telugu Big Boss show


Jr.NTR’s Telugu Big Boss show is been in the news for some or other reasons. The show is receiving a positive response from two telugu speaking states.

In an interview to telugu leading channel, Jabardasth Dhanraj has revealed some interesting facts that Pawan Kalyan would host Big Boss show better than Jr.NTR.As well all know, Pawan Kalyan can give emotional speeches and encourages the youth but he can’t entertain the audience like Jr.NTR.

Whatever it may be, We won’t get a chance to watch Pawan Kalyan as host because next year he is going to contest in the election. Post Trivikram’s film Pawan will focus on his political career.

Here’s the question for you? Whom do you like to see as host in Big Boss Pawan or Jr.NTR? Share your thoughts with us. Please mention in our comment section.